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Analysis and Mathematical Physics Seminars 2020-2021

Date Time Room Speaker Seminar
November 17 15:00Zoom Sijue Wu (University of Michigan) The quartic integrability and long time existence of steep water waves in 2D
December 15 15:00Zoom Roberta Bianchini (IAC & CNR)Some problems in the dynamics of stratified fluids
January 12 15:00Zoom Vesa Julin (University of Jyvaskyla) Asymptotic behavior of the volume preserving mean curvature flow
January 19 15:00Zoom Alessia Nota (University of L'Aquila) Long time asymptotics homoenergetic solutions Boltzmann equation
February 2 15:00Zoom Serena Cenatiempo (GSSI) Bogoliubov theory in the Gross-Pitaevskii regime
February 9 15:00Zoom Gabriele Benedetti (Heidelberg University) Periodic and quasi-periodic motions for a charged particle in a strong magnetic field
February 16 15:00Zoom Giovanna Marcelli (SISSA) A new approach to transport coefficients in the quantum spin Hall effect
March 2 15:00Zoom Marco Cicalese (TUM)Does the N-clock model approximate the XY model?
March 9 15:00Zoom Jacob Shapiro (Princeton University) Strongly Disordered 2D Time-Reversal Invariant Topological Insulators
March 16 15:00Zoom Chiara Saffirio (University of Basel) Semiclassical limit from the Hartree-Fock equation to the Vlasov-Poisson system
March 23 15:00Zoom Jean-Marc Delort (Paris 13) On the stability of kink solutions of the $\Phi^4$ model in $1+1$ space time dimensions
April 13 15:00Zoom Luca Asselle Rigidity versus flexibility phenomena for periodic Hamiltonian flows
April 27 14:00Zoom Giuseppe Mussardo Generalised Riemann Hypothesis and Brownian motion
May 11 11:30Zoom Elefterios Soultanis p-Weak differentiable structures
May 18 14:00Zoom Chiara Rigoni Convergence of metric measure spaces satisfying the CD condition for negative values of the dimensional parameter
June 8 11:30Zoom Francesco Nobili (SISSA) p-Rigidity and almost rigidity of critical Sobolev embeddings on RCD spaces
July 6 14:00Zoom Paolo Antonini (Università del Salento) Infinite dimensional grassmannians, quantum states and optimal transport
July 14 15:00Zoom Jules Pitcho Almost everywhere non-uniqueness for integral curves of Sobolev vector fields


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