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Advanced Topics in Numerical Modelling of PDEs: Part II

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PhD Course
Master Course
Anno (LM): 
First Year
Second Year
Academic Year: 
March 2016
20 h

Finite Element Programming using the Deal.II library

This course takes the deal.II finite element library as an example and provides specialized training for computational scientists that already are or want to become deal.II developers. Lecturers: Timo Heister and Luca Heltai

  • How to use deal.II for Finite Element computations
  • Refresh numerical PDE knowledge

  • Software best practices

  • C++, Debugging, IDEs, Visualization Parallel computations with MPI

Detailed Program

  • Introduction and First Steps with deal.II
  • Basics of Finite Element Analysis
  • Solving Poisson Equation
  • Dimension Independence
  • Computing Errors
  • Higher Order Mappings
  • Embedded Surfaces
  • Adaptive Refinements
  • Parallel Computing

Each argument is foolowed by exercicses and laboratory. The lectures and exercises are available at

Adriatico Lecture Rooms - ICTP
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