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Research fields

  • geometry, in particular algebraic, differential, and noncommutative geometry, also with applications to quantum field and string theory
  • mathematical analysis, in particular calculus of variations, control theory, partial and ordinary differential equations
  • mathematical modelling, in particular mechanics of solids and fluids, modelling of complex and biological systems, multiscale analysis
  • mathematical physics, in particular integrable systems and their applications, nonlinear partial differential equations, mathematical aspects of quantum physics
  • numerical analysis and scientific computing, applied to partial differential equations and to control problems

PhD and MSC courses:


  • SISSA MathLab: a laboratory for mathematical modeling and scientific computing
  • SAMBA a laboratory in collaboration with the Cognitive Neuroscience Group

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Former Professors

Visiting Professors

Advanced programming

Students will acquire a comprehensive understanding of advanced programming concepts, specifically in C++ and Python. They will become familiar with object-oriented and generic programming paradigms, as well as proficient in utilizing common data structures, algorithms, and relevant libraries and frameworks for scientific computing. Furthermore, students will be introduced to fundamental software development tools in a Linux environment, encompassing essential aspects like software documentation, version control, testing, and project management.


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