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AJS - Analysis Junior Seminars 2017-2018

Date Speaker Seminar
November 24 Matteo Gallone Self-adjoint realisations of Dirac-Coulomb operators
December 1 Alberto Maspero Growth of Sobolev norms for abstract linear Schrödinger Equations
December 15 Danka Lučić Heterogeneous elastic plates with in-plane modulation of the target curvature
January 26 Enrico Pasqualetto Towards a notion of parallel transport for metric measure spaces with lower Ricci curvature bounds
February 2 Nicola Giuliani Micromotility analysis using Boundary Element Method
February 9 Raffaele Scandone Non-linear Schröedinger equation with singular potentials: new results and open problems
February 23 Felice Iandoli On the Cauchy problem for quasi-linear Schrödinger-type equations on the circle
March 9 Ivan Beschastnyi Symplectic methods for constrained variational problems
March 16 Michele Marini Lower bound for the perimeter density at singular points of a minimizing cluster in $\mathbb{R}^n$
April 13 Lucia De Luca Discrete-to-continuum analysis for a generalized XY model: fractional vortices and string defects
April 20 Maicol Caponi Existence of solutions to a phase-field model of dynamic crack propagation
May 11 Filippo Riva Peeling test: a simple model within the theory of dynamic and quasistatic fractures
June 1 Emanuele Tasso Some continuity results for the trace operator in the contest of special functions of bounded variation
June 22 Martin Hess A Localized Spectral-Element Reduced Basis Method for Incompressible Flow Problems
July 13 Elefterios Soultanis Homotopies of Sobolev maps between manifolds

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