Integrable Systems, Frobenius Manifolds and Nonlinear Waves

Research Topics

  • Frobenius manifolds and their connections with quantum cohomologies, singularity theory, reflection groups and their generalizations.
  • Integrable hierarchies of topological type and Deligne - Mumford moduli spaces.
  • Integrable hierarchies and random matrices.
  • Geometry of isomonodromy deformations.
  • Theta-functions of Riemann surfaces, Painleve' transcendents and other special functions in the theory of nonlinear waves.
  • Weakly dispersive nonlinear partial differential equations: oscillatory behavior and critical phenomena.
  • Asymptotic methods in the theory of nonlinear waves and Riemann - Hilbert boundary value problems.


Research Group

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(partially funded by MISGAM and ENIGMA)


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