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Hamiltonian partial differential equations and Frobenius manifolds

TitleHamiltonian partial differential equations and Frobenius manifolds
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsDubrovin, B
JournalRussian Mathematical Surveys. Volume 63, Issue 6, 2008, Pages 999-1010

In the first part of this paper the theory of Frobenius manifolds\\r\\nis applied to the problem of classification of Hamiltonian systems of partial\\r\\ndifferential equations depending on a small parameter. Also developed is\\r\\na deformation theory of integrable hierarchies including the subclass of\\r\\nintegrable hierarchies of topological type. Many well-known examples\\r\\nof integrable hierarchies, such as the Korteweg–de Vries, non-linear\\r\\nSchr¨odinger, Toda, Boussinesq equations, and so on, belong to this\\r\\nsubclass that also contains new integrable hierarchies. Some of these new\\r\\nintegrable hierarchies may be important for applications. Properties of the\\r\\nsolutions to these equations are studied in the second part. Consideration\\r\\nis given to the comparative study of the local properties of perturbed and\\r\\nunperturbed solutions near a point of gradient catastrophe. A Universality\\r\\nConjecture is formulated describing the various types of critical behaviour\\r\\nof solutions to perturbed Hamiltonian systems near the point of gradient\\r\\ncatastrophe of the unperturbed solution.


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