Mathematical Analysis, Modelling, and Applications


Courses of the Academic Year 2022-2023

Lecturer Title Duration Period
Sandro Zagatti Differential equations (Introduction to PDE's) 60 h September - January
Luca Heltai An Introduction to modern tools for collaborative science 12 h October - December
Luca Rizzi Introduction to sub-Riemannian geometry 20 h Octorber-December
Luca Heltai Introduction to numerical analysis and scientific computing with python 30 h December
Alberto Maspero Introduction to dispersive equations 40 h November - January
Stefano Bianchini Topics in advanced analysis 2 48 h October - January
Luca Heltai, Gianluigi Rozza Applied Mathematics: an Introduction to Scientific Computing by Numerical Analysis 48 h October - December
Andrea Braides Local and nonlocal variational problems in Sobolev spaces 50 h October - March
Giovanni Noselli Topics in Continuum Mechanics 60 h October-February
Gianni Dal Maso BV functions 60 h October - March
Rossella Della Marca Topics in mathematical epidemiology 20 h November - December
Nicolò De Ponti Markov diffusion semigroups and functional inequalities 30 h November - January
Massimiliano Berti Topics in nonlinear analysis and dynamical systems 40 h December - March
Luca Heltai Numerical Solution of PDEs Using the Finite Element Method 24 h 12-16 December 2022
Andrea Braides Frustrated variational lattice problems 30 h January - September
Nicola Gigli Optimal Transport 30 h January - February
Nicola Gigli From CD to RCD spaces 60 h February-April
Gabriele Benedetti Periodic Orbits of Hamiltonian systems through Variational Methods 20 h January
Davide Torlo Topics in high order accurate time integration methods 20 h March 2023
Luca Heltai Advanced topics on the analysis of Finite Element Methods 20 h May - June


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