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Geometry and Mathematical Physics

Purpose of the PhD Course

The PhD program in Geometry and Mathematical Physics focuses on the study of analytic and geometric aspects of physical phenomena that are of fundamental interest in both pure and applied sciences and covers wide spectrum of topics in modern algebraic and differential geometry and their applications.

Research Topics

  • Integrable systems in relation with differential, algebraic and symplectic geometry, as well as with the theory of random matrices, special functions and nonlinear waves, Frobenius manifolds
  • Deformation theory and virtual classes for moduli spaces of sheaves and of curves, in relation with supersymmetric gauge theories, strings, Gromov-Witten invariants, orbifolds and automorphisms
  • Quantum groups, noncommutative Riemannian and spin geometry, applications to models in mathematical physics
  • Mathematical methods of quantum mechanics
  • Mathematical aspects of quantum Field Theory and String Theory
  • Symplectic geometry, sub-riemannian geometry
  • Geometry of quantum fields and strings
  • Complex differential geometry, generalized geometry


Geometers and Physicists collaborate within the iGAP project.


Admission to PhD Program

Students are selected yearly by means of an entrance examination held in Trieste; there are two admission sessions: spring and autumn. The latter will be activated only if there should still be places available after the former. Deadlines for the academic year 2020-2021 will be available after the publication of the call.
[PhD announcements are now available]

Entrance examination is based on:

  • Evaluation of curriculum vitae
  • Written test (first day of exams)
  • Oral interview (second day of exams)

Non-EU students can also be admitted through a preselection based on academic qualifications only.

Funds are available to cover travel and lodging expenses: to apply for such funds write at and submit your CV.

The admission process starts by registering at the page and filling out the requested form.

Important Dates

Deadline for non-EU citizens preselection: 21 January 2020

Spring session (exams will be online due to covid-19 emergency):
  • deadline for funds request: TBA
  • deadline for application: 28 May 2020
  • exams: 24-25 June 2020
Autumn session (not activated since all places have been filled)
  • deadline for funds request: N/A
  • deadline for application: N/A
  • exams: N/A

Should you have any queries or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us by email:


PhD Coordinator for Geometry and Mathematical Physics


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Previous PhD Theses

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Click here to see the regulation of this Ph.D. course (in Italian).

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