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People with Special Functions


Area Coordinator

Area Secretariat

Director of SISSA MathLab

Master in High Performance Computing Director

Master's Coordinator

Math Students' representatives in the School Council

Mathematics Area Committee

Member of SISSA HPC Committee

Member of SISSA HPC Users Committee

Member of SISSA Library Committee

Member of SISSA Library Open Access Committee

Member of SISSA Research Committee

Member of SISSA Teaching Committee

Member of SISSA Technology Transfer Committee

Member of Space Committee

Member of the Academic Senate

Member of the SISSA Board of Directors

PhD Coordinator for Geometry and Mathematical Physics

PhD Coordinator for Mathematical Analysis, Modeling, and Applications

Research Grant Holder Representative

SISSA Computer Users Committee

SISSA Director's Delegate for Research

SISSA Director's Delegate for Valorization of Research - Innovation - Knowledge and Technology Transfer - Industrial Cooperation

SISSA Hiring Committee

SISSA SIAM Student Chapter Faculty Advisor

SISSA SIAM Student Chapter President

SISSA SIAM Student Chapter Vicepresident

Student Representatives

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